My name is Allan and I’m an appreciator of a good film—so much so that I always find myself wanting to talk or write about it soon after experiencing one. It’s fun to have an opinion about a really good film that I think everyone should check out for themselves or voice out disappointment (and at times utter disgust) in a truly god-awful film that was nothing but a waste of two hours or so of my life.

Ever since my early teens, films have always been a great escape for me and the ones I appreciate the most are the ones that feature incredible acting, a compelling and creative script, and skillful direction. When a film slacks off in any of those areas is when it becomes dangerously close to a bad film, in my view.

I appreciate all genres of film—from compelling drama, to laugh-out-loud comedy, to films from other parts of the world. I appreciate them all—from big box-office draws to the small “indies” you only hear about when it receives an Oscar nomination.

With my “That’s a Wrap” movie blog, I will post about films I find myself driven to talk about—whether it be gushing praise or harsh criticism. You may or may not agree with my view on a particular film, but I hope you enjoy reading my take on it all the same.

Lights…camera…it’s time to blog about the best and worst of film!


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