A princess rebels against tradition in Pixar’s “Brave”

After last year’s critical disappointment Cars 2, Disney-Pixar returns to the big screen with Brave. Although not exactly very original in terms of key story elements—princess who rebels against tradition; a witch who casts a spell with dire consequences—the film is nonetheless charming and ultimately presents an important message or two about fate/destiny, following your heart and, above all else, never losing your bond to the ones you love, no matter your differences.

Visually, the film carries on the Pixar tradition of computer animation excellence. The film takes a bit of time to find its true direction in where it intends to go plot-wise, but it does soon enough and turns into an enjoyable film as a whole that anyone in the family would appreciate. As for story in general, though, don’t expect anything truly new with Brave. Once you see where the plot is going, you just know where things will go and how it will all end, in the atypical Disney animated classic fashion. A Wall*E or Up it is not in terms of unforgettable-ness, but in the end it was a pleasure to watch all the same and had shades of emotionally uplifting elements to it that the aforementioned Pixar films had in spades. Far from up there on my list of Disney-Pixar best, but a worthy addition to its vault nonetheless.

4 out of 5 stars

About Brave:

Determined to choose her own way in life, fiery-red-haired Princess Merida rebels against a custom that ultimately brings about chaos to her kingdom. Granted one wish by a shady witch, Merida must find the courage to undo a beastly curse and mend a fractured and important familial bond.

Also from Pixar Animation:

Speaking of top on the best of Disney-Pixar, the best for me is 2008’s Wall*E. Visually and emotionally the most unforgettable Pixar film I have seen to date (I’m almost determined for nothing to top it in my book), it featured a moving story and one of the most delightful lead animated characters ever on film. You root for WALL*E all the way and want him to find his EVE. Wonderful, beautiful, charming…did I already say unforgettable? Because it is.

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