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A princess rebels against tradition in Pixar’s “Brave”

After last year’s critical disappointment Cars 2, Disney-Pixar returns to the big screen with Brave. Although not exactly very original in terms of key story elements—princess who rebels against tradition; a witch who casts a spell with dire consequences—the film … Continue reading

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Rapace is out of this world in the excellent sci-fi thriller “Prometheus”

It’s Alien meets The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Okay, not exactly—but what director Ridley Scott’s Prometheus has in common with the dark Swedish murder-mystery is star Noomi Rapace, who headlines this highly entertaining sci-fi thriller. This is the film … Continue reading

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Fassbender gives a riveting performance in “Shame”

Much was made this past year when Oscar nominations were announced and there was one notable omission in the Best Actor category: Michael Fassbender for director Steve McQueen’s controversial drama Shame. After watching Shame, I could see why it was … Continue reading

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